Reading Soap Labels

Making our own soap means we read a lot of soap labels. Andrea and I can be found lurking in the soap isles at the grocery store, Wal-Mart, and every specialty store that sells soap, checking out the labels…and making disgusting grunts! Have you read your soap label lately? Most commercially made soap is really nasty stuff. And I’m only talking about the first ingredient in at least 2 most common commercial soaps: Sodium Tallowate.

Sodium Tallowate

This ingredient is what’s left over from packaging beef, most likely at the big slaughter houses. My guess is that this is the unwanted fat, bone, and hide pieces that just aren’t edible.

Avoid It

There are a number of soaps on the market that don’t contain tallow-related products. By reading labels, you can avoid tallow and all those other unnecessary, unhealthy ingredients that many commercial soap makers put in their products. Check out this comparison chart to learn what else is lurking in one of the major commercial soap bars:

Commercial Soap Label Ingredients compared to Maine Soap Works



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