Our Philosophy

If we can’t pronounce it, we don’t use it! At Maine Soap Works we believe that less is more, especially when it comes to the ingredients in our products. Our labels include all the information you need to make an informed decision for the health and well-being of your family. You will not find unnatural colors in our soaps. In fact, the only coloring in our soaps come from the oils themselves or from vegetables, herbs, flowers, or other natural ingredients.

Keeping It Local

We partner with Maine farmers and artisans to add a touch of our great state into all of our soaps, including: unprocessed goat and cow milk, unfiltered honey, maple syrup, organic Maine roasted coffee, and seasonal local produce and herbs for fragrance and color.

Our Soap Story: A Clean Tale For All Ages

Maine Soap Works was born alongside new babies into our family and an increasing sensitivity to harsh commercial products. You may have noticed it’s become almost impossible to avoid the constant flow of news stories about how bad this product is for you and how horrible these ingredients are. These harmful elements are everywhere; in our homes, cars, offices and especially in our cleaning products and foods.

When Oggy, agreat grandmother, is a retired teacher and research librarian, this information is even more unavoidable. This is a woman who should own stock in baking soda and vinegar (one or both; they can solve just about everything), so trust in the fact her thoughts about natural living came not just from the heart, but experience as well.

Armed with the knowledge and desire to provide better options for our family, we started experimenting in making our own products at home. Over the last few years, we’ve discovered some awesome alternatives to commercial brands that we’ve created in our own kitchens. And now we’ve opened our doors to share some of these with our family, friends and neighbors – like you!

So a huge thanks to Oggy for inspiring us to choose a safer, simpler way of life. Perhaps the way life should be, right?

A Soap Enthusiast on a journey to simplifying lives