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Our handmade soaps are created in small batches from all-natural, fresh and nourishing ingredients.

Each bar of Maine Soap Works contains a locally sourced ingredient, helping share our state’s richness and beauty with everyone. For your bath, kitchen, camp, workshop or as a gift – bring a touch of Maine into your daily life.

The Curing Rack

Our soap is cured for up to 2 months before it is packaged and sold. This ensures that each bar lasts you a good, long time.

We did our research on what people expect in their handcrafted soaps. We learned that although people love handcrafted soaps, they still expect bubbles – lots of bubbles – and that most handcrafted soap was lacking the bubble factor.  Customers also expect a bar of handcrafted soap to last a good long time, especially when it costs more than commercial brands.  After a couple years of intense research and experimentation, we are proud to say that our soaps are specially formulated to produce cleansing bubbles that also moisturize the skin. We also cure our soap for up to 2 months to ensure that our bars are extra hard, so they last you a good long time.

Maine Soap Works is located in Westbrook, Maine, a picturesque, southern Maine town that offers a cute downtown area as well as plenty of undeveloped farm lands. This is a perfect location for Maine Soap Works as we’re easily able to obtain local produce and milks for our soaps. Look for us at events in the Greater Portland area such as Farmers Markets and craft fairs.

You may want to check out our blog. Find recipes that you can make yourself and educational materials to help you make informed decisions about ingredients and chemicals that are in your body products.

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